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Distribution & Consignment stocking Services:
(Increased capacity from 2016)

Why choose EEC to distribute, consignment stock & warehouse?

  • We offer warehouse space and/or consignment stocking solutions for UK, European* & World wide customers. (* links with Europe & Hungarian speaking representatives based in the UK).
  • We can warehouse any product, offering manufacturers / suppliers a supply solution to export to or within the UK.
  • Together with our logisitc partner we can then transport product to any location within the UK. Should the manufacturer need to establish a supply chain, we can then deliver to schedule on the customer requirements.
  • Quality Management System accreditated.

Features of our distribution and supply solution:

  1. Product Licensing and Distributor
  2. Warehousing and Distribution
  3. Consignment Stock
  4. Transport and delivery Services
  5. Packaging Solutions

1. Product Licensing and Distributor:

Please contact us if you require a product licensing or distributor solution to sell your product within the UK. We have established networks in certain sectors, as well as creative design/marketing capabilities and would be pleased to discuss your requirements for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Product licensing solution enquiry – click here

2. Warehousing & Distribution:

  • Through our central England warehouse complex, we have:
    A capacity of over 12,000 sq feet for our distribution and storage operations, with the option to increase. Complete site remote CCTV and onsite security. Established distribution links from Europe to the UK with trucks, containers and air freight. Site plan of the units - click here
  • With our on-site logistics, we have the capability to manage both fast and slow moving products – working to the specification of the required delivery system.
  • On-site we have the facility to sort and store products based on the frequency of the delivery & the final geographical destination.
  • We operate a computerised web based stock system allowing our logistics team to quickly and easily ‘pick’ the required parts as required.
  • Our operation extends to allows us to react to our customer’s needs quickly – we can respond to cover emergency shortages, picking and despatching (using our on-site vehicles) within 1-2 hours of the notification. This reactive service is invaluable to those companies that experience stock control challenges or need to operate a lean stock control system for a period of time.

How can we help with a Warehousing & distribution solution, ask us. click here

3. Consignment Stock:

Bulk deliveries can be received from any world wide location for sorting, re-packing and storage in our warehousing facility until final delivery is required.
We also have the capability to offer a specialised ‘kiting service’ whereby products from a number of suppliers are received and consolidated into a specified group of parts, delivered ready for final assembly.
Our distribution facility hub, can hold up to 3 months stock based upon the customers projections.
Deliveries are then dispatched from the stock system in the correct quantities to the schedules provided.

To establish a distribution channel & discuss consignment stocking – click here with your requirements

4. Transport Services & Delivery:

Through our on-site logistics partner, we have access to a fleet of vehicles to accommodate the needs of our customers. Currently the fleet has 30 modern vehicles ranging from small vans, pick-ups, Hi-Ab to 45ft articulated units. As well as the range of flatbed and curtain sided vehicles, we can offer specialised vehicles for a range of applications including:

  • Palletised goods - Double decked 40ft curtain sided trailer - for increased capacity.
  • Abnormal loads - 4 and 6 wheeled Crane equipped flat backs.
  • Plant and machinery transportation - a 40ft Low-loader trailer.
  • Unloading to sites with no offload facilities - Moffet forklift offload trailer

To enquire about our Enterprise services – please contact us.


We understand that ‘on time’ delivery is crucial for businesses – our logistics partners have been operating for a number of years and pride themselves on working with customers to establish a specific type of delivery performance which meets the distribution requirements.

In recent years, new systems and stock/delivery techniques have been developed by manufacturers and distribution networks. Our logistics team will work hand in hand with our customers to set up and maintain the correct management system for their situation. Whether it be:
- Consignment stock
- Just-In-Time (Kanban scheduling system)
- Daily / weekly schedule

The aim is to establish a solution to ‘deliver what the customer wants, exactly when they want it’.

To enquire about a delivery solution for your product – click here

5. Packaging Solutions:

Talk to us. We are able to offer packaging solutions for all types of products. We can design and manufacture bespoke delivery packaging to suit the needs of our customers; ranging from small packaging to decant parts from large consignments, to a specifically sized stillage to accommodate a kit of parts for line side delivery to an assembly line. Packaging for final delivery can be in the form of cardboard, plastic, wood and steel – we will always recommend to our customers the most effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Let us know your distribution and packaging requirements – click here