EEC GEO Products > Heat Pumps (Jan 2016)

The EEC interest in renewable energy, heat pumps

Our involvement in the industry dates back to the 1970's when our Chairman worked for Alpha Laval based in London. It was during his time with the company that much of his early industry background and heat exchanger product knowldge was developed. His interest in heat pumps began by initially focusing on new products for automotive applications. On leaving Alpha Laval in the late 70's the new start up company took on the distributorship for a well known Swedish manufacturer.

How can EEC help develop sales in the UK?

Key members of our team have spent a number of years promoting Building Products, working within the marketing then sales department of a UK company widely regarded as the best proven route to building product specification. Both in directory (hard copy literature) and online (search engine) sales. This company continues to be a market leader in the UK.

Key Spanish contact link

In recent years the company has partnered with key Spanish contacts, who are well established within the heat pump industry (Air & Ground). Our Spanish partner works from inception of the heat pump project, the borehole drilling, to recommending the product (based on the required specification) and overseeing the installion through to completion.

Objectives of EEC marketing the Heat Pumps in the UK:

  • To offer a product marketing, sales & distribution solution across the whole UK
  • To work together with our manufacturing partner to become the specified product of choice for the target projects
  • To be the manufacturers local representative, pre and post sale (once the product has been specifed), to ensure a smooth process through out.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss further - please contact us.