EEC - Quality & Management

EEC Quality Management System

20/03/13 - ISO 9001 process commences with British Standards Institution
18/02/14 - Assessment stage 1 - completed
14/05/14 - Assessment stage 2 for accreditation - recommendation acheived
16/06/14 - BSI certificate issued: BSI No. FS 598161

01/11/17 - The decision was taken not to renew the BSI certificate, as there was no on-going tangible benefit to the organisation. Our in-house quality procedures, based on the former BSI certifcate, continue to be followed.

Our quality system recommendation leads EEC to operate a sound Quality Management System. All relevant areas of the business, particulatly areas that impact on our customers, have been reviewed and assessed to enable us to give customers consistently high standards & satisfaction.

Please find below our Quality Management System Policy statement:

QMS Policy for EEC:

  • With over 30 years of industry experience Engabia (EEC) has developed an infrastructure based on strategic commercial acquisition and carefully managed relationships in order to best deliver ‘just in time’ quality steel forged parts to our customers.
  • EEC offers a highly flexible and agile service to meet the business needs of their customer base, which includes large blue chip and small businesses.
    EEC takes pride in delivering a customized, just-in-time service. We work hard to guarantee the quality of product and level of service which will consistently meet our customers needs.
  • EEC is committed to ongoing improvement and the Quality requirements.

As part of our quality procedures, to ensure we colaborate and review with our customers & suppliers on-going, we actively seek your feedback (positive or negative), please do feedback to us via our dedicated email address - Click here